Not a Heat Flop

Two day and once more into the oven. Gym happily scantly populated. But the podcast episodes were disappointing.

First, since the Guardian’s Science podcast is evidently on that months long disappearance the English seem to call “holiday”, the Amerikan vacation writ enormous, I had to find something else to listen to. I ran across the Big Think folks a while ago and despite mixed signalling I decided to give their podcast a trial in the European gap.[Link]

This episode was about a half hour so not a bad length until I listened to it. A horrible disaster. Something like Sturgeon to at least the fourth power. 0.9999+ crap.

This was a discussion, moderator plus Bill Nye the “Science Guy”. Not any science I could hear today. Two bits. One about fashion in the lab. Not only was it a cow flop but they wallowed in it. And all us Southrons know what happens when you churn a cow flop. Not even the skunks will get with smell range.

Second, there was a bit about search engines. Nye tried to say a few things but they got flopped by the moderator who was trying to be a talking head. Why they couldn’t have discussed nerd search engines instead of Bang! and Gooey is beyond me. 

There may have been some bit about interplanetary currency exchange but I pretty well went tortoise after the search engine flop.

If the guardian is out again this week, and I can’t find an alternative, they may get another try. But I hope not.

Frankly, Arthur Jeffries could have done 100 dB better.

There was also a bit from NPR about the figurehead (minority political) head of OPM getting put down. Point they missed – or evaded – probably the latter since it is horribly damaging, is that it’s not just an IT security job that got ignored, it’s a rupture of civil servant trust in their employer. Watch for another big age chasm in the government in years to come as young people figure out the Yankee government can’t be trusted, especially as an employer.