How Far?

The pogrom against the Confederacy continues. The Carolinians are supposed to bow this morning. And supposedly even the Yankee Congress is cowed.

I should probably preface this by saying that I do not consider the media trustworthy. Sturgeon’s rule applies.

But I have only heard talking heads declare that the flag is “racist”. Never mind the whackedness of the concept. It’s what the government brainwashes people with and we have to accept that they will use what is deposited between their ears. But it is still a bogus concept.

Nor that I don’t acknowledge that African-Americans weren’t discriminated against and persecuted. Or that I am unhappy that the flag is being hauled down. It’s an historic artifact and the veneration by some bogs is decidedly unhealthy.

But I do recall somewhere reading that more history books (in America) have been written about the Civil War than all other history books in total. Are they to be burned? Or only the pro-Confederacy ones? And who makes the determination?

That would be a mistake. If we don’t learn from history we will repeat the same mistakes. And humans are too good at propagating mistakes as it is. 

Evil needs to be enshrined lest we forget it.