Natural Sag

Mundane day. Back to gym. To find the door blocked by some entitleist who somehow became convinced that he didn’t need to park in the car parks but in the doorway. I fear he received a less than tepid reception.  

The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” on degrowth that I had heard before and improved not at all with the re-hearing. I also fear my skepticism and cynicism crept in in about equal measures.

I have no argument that we humans need to degrow to continue to survive but I do have argument with the idea that we are ever going to effectively do anything about it. I fear our trajectory will be extinction rather than continuance.

One of the thoughts that kept playing through my mind during the podcast was

“What EXTROs consider community, INTROs consider harassment,”

It also rather ignored human nature in terms of family, success, ambition, ….

But my longest thoughts centered on how alien this is to Alibam. The only way Alibam politicians would support such a thing would be as a reinvention of serfdom, perhaps slavery. 

An Alibam politician’s idea of sustainment is diverting more taxpayer money to one of his corporate masters to propagandize they are fostering sustainment. Maskarovka. Propaganda. Prevarication.

That’s Alibam. The only degrowth here is the steady slide to third world state.