Toil and Trouble but no Bubble

Ice Cream day. Finally got to the park for constitutional. Looks as if the conscript parents of Greater Metropolitan Arab have decided that photon emitters are unnecessary in the park. Quite dark. This is amusing because they went to great expense to install same last year.

Such is the nature of governance in Greater Metropolitan Arab. And probably all of Amerika.

And the podcast was crap. Completely. Noise to center my disgust. It was a new one and it was so bad that I will not even mention its name lest some illiterate fool be led, erroneously, to listen to it and discorporate himself (herself) in disgust and angst.

There. That’s my good deed for the day. Such as it is.

I read an article yesterday.[Link] It details how bubble plastic is dead. The company that manufactures it is replacing it with some new concoction that does not “pop”.

Somehow the world is a much worse place now. Innocence has taken another death blow.

I weep for humanity.