Sweet Death

More sky falleth. And again no constitutional. And it is fake Independence Day, the anniversary of when the Congress actually got up the gumption to tell the mob that the Declaration was signed and we were all officially traitors. 

And it actually worked. The tyrant was evicted. And new tyrants grew. Which leads us to the question if we are any better off that we would have been absent the rebellion? Somehow I doubt that will get debated today.

Another thing not to be debated is the evil of “sugar drinks”. I have railed against Fructose previously, but now I see a new study [Link] that is more general and actually goes far enough to enumerate discorporations.

Death by Sugar. 


Fit thing to consider today when we should be contemplating what tyranny to abolish next, hopefully with few firing parties. 

Nothing claims to be more Southron than soda pop. The Southron way of death.

Well, one among many. 

I need a cup of coffee.