Futile Denial

Mundane day. Sparse gym. The only educationalists staffers rather than classroomists. Podcast episode part of a series on walking. Not very dense nor gathering. Lots of attention span-time left over for other things. Bits on the electromagnetic audio-visual receivers about states defying the supreme court ruling on LGBT marriage. 

Occurred that these states, many in the old Confederacy, including Alibam, are states of futile denial. But then the question occurred of why?

First inclination is that state politicians know that their theo-fascists vote but have no real data on LGBT voting. So the zero level reason for the denial is pure and simple pandering to a voting block. 

But this seems inadequate. These idiots know that the Yankee government will come down on them nastily and harshly, especially in absorbing their monies. So why waste those monies?

Perhaps some of this has to do with our old friend (?) insecurity. Are any of us really secure in our sexuality? Everyone I have know who claimed they were found themselves in a whirlwind later over the matter. I suspect this is not something that becomes stationary until we get too aged to care. 

So let’s consider that all these politicians, many of them Southron, are insecure in their sexuality. Their behavior certainly seems to indicate this be the situation. Their peacock behavior and macho arrogance certainly indicate such. Perhaps more so than most? Why else would someone with no interest in bettering the state want a position of power? To placate and deny their insecurity, of course.

It isn’t clear whether this is a situation deserving laughter or weeping. Perhaps both. It’s both sad and humorous simultaneously. The question is, can we summon enough sympathy to let this continue? Evidently. Perhaps that’s because we don’t really care.

But I do wonder what the local delegation’s insecurities are. Other than the obvious.