The good of the few outmasses the good of the many?

Mundane day and back to gym. Summer is either officially here or eminently so. It has been such for several weeks now here in Nawth Alibam and this week promises to be more like August or September than June.

But the politico-fascists are still in denial mode as the death toll from heat stroke mounts. It must be amazing what goes on in the heads of politicians, especially with respect to morality and ethics.

On which note I have taken such of the grrr brrr to remove the Confederate States of America battle flag from its staff in Charleston. This is supposedly to honor the nine religionists who were gunned down by a GEN Y whacko. Evidently the religionists’ social group finds the flag objectionable.

I have a few problems with this. First of all, why the battle flag? The only reason I can come up with flying the battle flag rather than the national flag is if the staffing is to honor those who died serving in the war. (Actually, I can come up with another reason which is insecurity in the Yankee government but that I suppose is best not mentioned?) If that is the case then the matter seems rather clear. The best figures I can get are that about 600K soldiers – Union and Confederate – were killed on the battlefields. And those soldiers died settling, at least superficially, whether slavery would be legal in Nawth Amerika.

And this flag is somehow repugnant to a social group. And we want to remove it to honor 9 dead. By dishonoring and abandoning 600K?

Is this the new maths? Or just politician maths? Or just Yankee politician maths?

I don’t really care that much whether the Carolinians staff the Confederate battle flag or not. But I do care if they cease their display honoring resolute soldiers in response to the deranged actions of a single aberrant human and the misplaced emotions of a single social group.

Or is that how we behave in modern Amerika? Facade or function? Honesty or pretense?

I’m not at all sure I want the answer.