Heat Capacity

Saturn’s day. And no constitutional in the park. Dihydrogen oxide falleth from the sky. I had to make do with a spin on the stationary bicycle in my study 

Thought: if a velocipede is (among other things) a bicycle, is a stationary bicycle a restipede? Or what?

It is not per se that I dislike walking in rain. At least so long as it is not driving and upsetting. But I do rather dislike the soakage of the lower extremities, necessitating an exchange of garments and a period of unwetting. Dewetting? 

I have commented previously that there are times when I am glad to be senior, mostly along two azimuth: that I won’t survive long enough for some emerging (?) threat to discorporate me; or that I have no desire to adapt to some emerging (? again) social condition. The former fits a case I observed earlier this week in an article [Link] about the Yankee government’s NASA prediction of climate conditions end of century. I especially liked a couple of graphics:


It seem where I reside, Greater Metropolitan Arab, will have maximum temperatures of 35-45 degC in 2100 CE. Let’s see, F = 9/5 C + 32 = 95-113 degF. All we’re doing now is upper 90’s degF and we get almost to 10 degF in winter. Big change.

Hopefully the politicofacsist denialists will enjoy. No wonder they keep cutting the science budget. They want the nerds to shut up and let them stew in their bribes.