Journalistic Science

Mundane day. Week in. Summer has arrived with the desessioning of schule and the disappearance (happily) of the educationalists and their loud, shrill conversations of bog blather. Are there any INTRO educationalists or have they all been driven out by the EXTROs?

Speaking of which, what is the worst sort of Fruit Fanboy? The kind who pretends not to be. I ran across such in this article, [Link} extoling how “scientists use MACs”.

Really? Not to my experience. But then, I’m a physicist, which is sorta a scientist, who used to design missiles (one up from rocket science?) and served as a laboratory chief IT manager. (Cats are easy, try engineers who all want to be different and ignore the rules.) The Yankee army of occupation said these folks had to use Winders boxes. What OS did they want to use? LINUX.

I found out that I did too but had to wait for retirement and out from under the velvet thumb. Sorta.

I have used all three OS: Winders, OSX, Linux. And the choice, in my mind, is easy. Linux is best. Mostly because it doesn’t reduce the user to a chattel.

But I have the freedom to choose. In the main, people associated with big organizations have to use whatever the organization wants them to. Unless they can show they can’t do their work with that choice.

That mostly means Winders. It’s cheaper, at least if you invest in the MegaHard management model and can’t afford to get out. Venus Fly Trap. Quicksand.

Nowadays there are some Linux shops. Not many, but the number is growing. It’s really cheaper. Especially if you have a computate workforce. Which takes in most nerds. Not all. The artsy fartsy ones still want Apples. It’s a religion thing. The good side is they don’t cut off heads. Unlike too many religions.

And I know that the control OS at CERN is Linux. Seen the screens. Hard to mistake an Ubuntu logo for a MAC. Except by fanboys?

And by the way, since when does NASA run CERN? Or is this some tin foil hat thing we don’t know about?

Anyway, that’s enough. Just quit trying to feed us stercus.