Immediocrity Considered

Ice Cream day. A bit better in the park. And I seem to have halved the difference in increased time over modality for my constitutional. The podcast continued dismal and banal all the way to the end, so Ihad plenty of time to consider immoderation again.

This time I considered a bit of the modern – contemporary? – context. With all this grrr brrr about “post-modern” this and that, most of which makes little or negative sense, I have to keep reminding myself that modern and contemporary don’t mean the same thing. Except in the dictionary, that is. But what do they count these days? But I will probably continue to say modern when I mean present.

It occurs to me that we always live in ages of contradiction and that the contradiction of this age is that we have great resources – travel, money, vacations, hobbies – coupled with overwhelming mediocrity. The combination of those two words is important. One might almost say compulsory mediocrity. This is most definitely not an age of great deeds by any significant fraction of the population. Yes, there are a few who do great deeds and accomplish great things but they are a smaller fraction than in previous ages.

There are several reasons for this. One is that this is an age that treasures slavery over freedom. Except most substitute security for slavery. Silly rabbits. 

Another is that this is a time of too many people for the social space – population is still climbing and social entropy is rapidly decreasing – so the world is becoming very caste driven. Yes, there are great successes and such but again, they are more exceptional than in times past. We live in an age of social deprivation and are all peasants because of it.

Part of this is rebellion. The urge to be individual is still strong and overwhelming for many people. But they have no original way to express this. Not everyone can be happy in their creativity. Especially, it seems, the bogs who seem to delight in doing similar things that make them pseudo-unique within the scope of a few friends but ordinary and regimented in the larger picture. Long range order but short range variability. 

This makes for the enforced mediocrity. Everyone, at least statistically, is almost indistinguishable. And thereby we are slaves a second way, not just in compliance but in coffle.

Again, glad I am to be senior.