Two on

Lovely morning. Frawg Straggler of a storm, to quote Andy Griffin (sp?) Sparse at gym and the podcasts were passable if not useful. But they’re not supposed to be. Just diverting in a non-damaging way. 

I did get to listen to some rhetoric from AFGE that was disappointingly mild. But then those who work for the Yankee government quickly learn they can only be punished, not rewarded, by the organization. You do bad, you get punished. You do good, you get punished. And if you last long enough to retire, you really get punished.

But like democracy, it’s the worse sort of organization except all others. Bad as it is, it’s better than working for a greedy corporation. And yes, I do know that is redundant.

Who says Hobbes was wrong? He just forgot about organizations and thus was overly simplistic and optimistic.

Anyway, not much I can find in news worth commenting. Maybe it’s my mind frame? Probably. Selah.