Latent Idiocy

One day: mundane day. Hopefully it lives up to that. Not a bad morning other than bogs complaining about it “being hot”. I have learned that explaining heat and thermodynamics to these people is a waste of my time and energy (hence action! a bit of mundane humor!) rather like trying to teach a pig to sing. And yes, they do get irritated which rather negates any goodness inherent in the altrusim.

Fittingly, the podcast episode, one of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” dealt with ice which in the vein I think of as a rather unspecific English language collective noun for the solid phases of dihydrogen oxide. Overall the podcast was rather muddled and other than the emergent anecdote or two was rather a sea of disorder.

This did distract me from an article [Link] that claims the Yankee government knew about their data breech in April. So much for rapid remedy. How long did it take the FOSS community to fix the SSL vulnerability? Two days? And it took the YG two months to own up to the victims that they are? Not sure which marks are lower: technical competency or organizational integrity. 

Selah. I am now going to be morose as I contemplate a seniority spent in poverty.