Epicanthic Skynet

Saturn’s day. Once more into the park for constitutional and I did manage to push myself to my wanted number of laps. Took me 0.25 longer but I met the first recovery from indisposition metric. Now I can work on further restrengthening and even a bit more rapidity. 

Not a fun place here in Nawth Alibam. Everyone walking about waiting for the rods-from-god to fall from the sky in the aftermath of the Yankee government vertically copulating and let6ting the heathen chinee loot the data treasury. Although I do have to admit that it is a major victory for them. In one swoop fell they have totally compromised the whole Yankee government.
How, you may ask? By totally destroying the self-confidence of everyone who works for the Yankee government. (Which is why there are going to be some folks who conspire that this was actually done by the tea party or the libertarians.) In one swoop fell all confidence in financial stability of the government’s instrumentailty has been compromised and their morale is even lower than it has been – the latter the result of a disfunctional legislature and abusive presiedential candidates. Guys, it’s all right – sorta – to abuse the slaves when they are cheap and are gonna die in the mines quickly anyway but not when you have to rely on their loyalty and perseverence for thirty years. And not slitting the throats of incompetent political appointees who are the traditional chief kickers. Never ceased to amaze me the humans could actually not have any iota of gratitude in their systems.
Despite what the corporate oligarchs and their politician myrmidons say, the country can’t exist without a government, and right now it is in twilight zone.