Hand of Deity

End of week in. Off this morning to park for constitutional. Still a bit abridged and (definitely!) slowed by the indisposition. But the path was fairly clean and I was able to listen to podcast during two laps. Not too closely, of course, since I had to be mindful of stepping on branches or pine cones. 

On which azimuth, my only (own, that is) regular television program viewing is on Thor’s day evening (unless rescheduled) for the “Big Bang Theory” which is rather a misnomer but then so are most titles. The episode last evening, which I gather is a repeat from some time flow anomalies but I had not seen before was about Sheldon Cooper trying to enhance his creativity by stress. 

(Since this is about Sheldon – a strange name for a Texas lad in my experience – I should mention that last evening’s episode was certainly taken with the idea that we humans are neotenous.) 

I have to say that during the period of my indisposition – and the stress of impending but repeatedly delayed surgery – my stress level went up as did my work motivation (escapism? distraction?) thereby my creativity but I am unsure that my perception of ‘rightness’ wasn’t diminished. It is very easy when “the goddess moves one” to work feverishly and brilliantly but often also wrongly. Lots of times the fever has subsided and I discovered that my work was riddled with rot.

Perhaps in addition to being neotenous we also can be either creative or careful but not both?