Entitlement and Tolerance

Thor’s day and sparse in gym. Listened to an episode of “The Linux Luddites” that actually had some potentially useful data embedded, not just blather. But I still had attention span-time enough to think on the matter of entitlement and tolerance.

Item: A group of christianists held a “biblical marriage” rally at the county courthouse over the weekend. Heavily covered in the newspaper (lots of free advertising for religionist organizations) and local television (‘look at the dinosaur brains in the next county over”.) Since they were supposedly peaceful (doubtful) they probably were no worse than the usual nonsense going through on US-431,

Item: Big story on the FaceScroll about some muslim woman who caused a row on airplane because she wanted her own, unopened, can of body rot soda. (So much for the validity of religionist dietary restrictions!) 

It occurred to me that both of these are relgionist entitlements. And that’s ok so long as your entitlement doesn’t penalize me. In any way.

But when it allows religionists like these to be intolerant of others and deny them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it crosses the line from entitlement to harassment or persecution. And that infringes my entitlement to be neither harassed nor persecuted. 

In some cases, it’s a hate crime. 

So how do we get our stercus together and find the right way to permit (e.g.,) religionists to enjoy their entitlements without destroying my entitlements?

Tolerance isn’t easy and especially for people who have sinfully repressed their intelligence.