Patriarch Act

Odin’s day. And I find it intensely intriguing that just after the Yankee Congress axes the national spying on citizens act the instrumentality thereof goes and axes several terrorists in major metropolitan areas. Happenstance? Fruition? Trump?

I fear I am not personally concerned too much with Yankee government spying on me. I have dealt with enough bureaucracy over several decades to know that (a) the bureaucracy will do what it wants and camouflage the effort as something legitimate, and (b) once an organization gets mad at an individual human they won’t let silly things like laws stand in the way of destroying him/her. Regulation maybe, but not laws. The only thing more immune to punishment than a wall street type or a banker is a bureaucrat. 

Not that bureaucracies are particularly capricious, just vain in their own way. Rather like telling an older woman what she already knows about her appearance and she immediately goes for the rat poison. Don’t feed the lions; don’t prod the bears.