Not there if Unseen

OK, Mundane day and back to gym. Schule has to desessioned since the place was void of educationalists. I have toyed with the idea of asking one such why the behavior but so far have conjectured they won’t understand the question and will thereby get nasty. That’s what educationalists do in my experience. If you ask a question that isn’t 0.9 in the flow of the current course insecurity turns to panic turns to violence. College is less so but asking cross-disciplinary questions is a risk to life and health.

I noted this weekend [Link] that the Australians have done an experiment that indicates that reality only comes into existence when we look at it. Observer effect. What Quantum mechanics has been saying for a long time but we are too afraid to actual internalize it.

Especially with politicians around. They observe a very nasty reality.

The question again rises of what does the world look like when the first observer emerges? Is sentience necessary? Was there some sort of condensation? 

There are times I wish that there was some way to reverse the effect. To unobserve reality and have it go away. But as much as I try to unobserve politicians they keep messing up reality. 

So the question of the day is: why is the collapse irreversible?