Social Hashing?

Third day. Gym was marginally easier today. The indisposition may be ebbing but definitely not at tidal speeds. Otherwise a blah visit. Podcast was unmemorable other than a mention of the first parasite on grass. Still quite unpleasant to drive.

I noted this morning, without opening the article, that Los Angeles has raised its minimum wage to $15/hour. This strikes me as a wonderful way to improve one’s city. First it drives away cheap chain corporations like MalWart and McDougals. They can’t survive paying those kind of wages so they’ll have to pack up and leave. Lots of law suits coming over franchise cost recovery I bet. Maybe even of the city’s conscript parents for passing the law. 

Of course that puts the folks who worked there out of work and eliminates their hopes of getting employment so they will either starve, which improves the city’s quality of life, or move away, which also improves the quality of life. One thing Los Angeles can definitely use is a reduction in population. 

On the down side this will surely precipitate riots by the different ethnic minorities since they will be the ones uplifted. We can only hope the city constabulary has adequate quantities of excessed military munitions on hand.