Gravestone Computing

Two day. Mixed bag. The gym was sparsely populated but my indisposition has evolved into considerable discomfort when sitting and so I was a bit of a fidget bouncer. Also reduced schedule again today. 

The podcast, an episode of the Guardian’s Science Weekly, was about social bubbles, which were never adequately defined but evidently are not a film of liquid surrounding a bit of gas. They evidently have something to do with social media but that also was not to be defined, only the tyranny of privacy (and its abuses) variously decried in polarity. Which raises in turn the grey issue of cookies. Which I shall defer for some other time. 

But evidently one of the things merchants are doing with that harvested privacy data is figuring out what price an individual will pay for goods and charging accordingly. Apparently they haven’t figured out such complexities as the money value of time and such? 

On a related azimuth, [Link] I see that slablet sales were down 0.235 in first trimonth compared to last year. Only Megahard sales were up, which makes things even more dismal for corporate privacy harvesters.

Ain’t surprised. Been waiting for. 

Stop and think about it. Slablets are a very narrow ecological niche. They aren’t fashion accessories like slabones, and they aren’t tools like boxes. Yes, you can do some work on a slablet but it’s severely limited, rather like trying to build a house with plastic kids’ tools like those of SCP grandwhelp. So the primary replacement reason is breakage, not obsolescence or peer pressure. At least modaly.

I have a slablet. Use it once or twice a month when I will need some connectivity but not workability outside the castellum. Had it a couple of years. It’s a refurb so not new when I got it. Good enough. And that’s the watchword of slablets. 

So when everyone who has a use for one, or even a want, has one, they don’t replace till they have to. Need. Not want.

Market behavior follows. Saturation. Herd immunity. (Quick, tell Jenny McCartney,)

Selah. On to other pains.