Sorta Back

The indisposition seems to be abating a bit. At least to the point where the low level ache compromises most rationality. And since this is rather a plague of seniorness, it gave me occasion to consider the nature of the contemporary the-best-things-in-life-can’t-be-bought.

That seems a strange paen in this golden age of capitalism but the weakness of mass production is that what isn’t manufactured isn’t available. 

Case in point: I have a Pacific Coronetta mug

that I greatly enjoy. I use it every day that I am not traveling or attending a coffee conference. It’s a stainless steel double walled Dewar mug that lets me misplace my cuppa and it not equilibrate thermally too rapidly.Sadly it is getting a bit old and worn and sadly the company doesn’t make this model any more. So when it dies it will become refuse.

That’s the epitome of the modern production paradigm. Lots of stuff produced but if it doesn’t sell well enough most of it is transitory. Some gets discontinued just to offer new items. 

Sometimes this seems the opposite of civilization.