Early to Decide

Two day. Happily the gym was sparse and only the respectful, congenial weight bouncer in evidence. Sadly the podcast episodes were mediocre at best and the primary one, the weekly from the Guardian, was spoiled by some pundit/author who emitted so many inaccuracies that I quickly zoned out lest something material be harmed in the frustration.

On which azimuth I ran across an article [Link] about some work at Columbia Business Schule and Ben Gurion U that indicates that decisions are best made early in the day. The context of the article is business and is written so poorly as to be as exasperating as those podcasts. Apparently this applies regardless of one’s wanted hour of arising. 

This isn’t really surprising, I think, but it does illuminate why one wants to do real work in the mornings and reserve useless meetings for the afternoon. Especially those with large numbers of bogs in attendance.

It also gives some insight in what makes the difference between a good secretary and an exceptional one.

Along the same lines, I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

which seems to give somewhat the same advice: wait until when you are ineffective to visit the FaceScroll. I have wondered several times whether it is worthwhile or not. Ultimately this comes down to whether I want to abide the political and religionist nonsense that has overwhelmed the site for the occasional bit of communication with someone I used to see often but now never.

I am still musing that.