At least

Ice cream day. Back to the park for constitutional and finishing the “pen addict” podcast episode. Diverting but unuseful. At least the pols have departed and I didn’t have to trek in. 

Was told yesterday by one of my colleagues that the event was a smoked meat – barbaqua – competition. I always thought the primary competition for BBQ, as it is acronymously known in the old Confederacy was to avoid it and stay alive. All sorts of nasties in BBQ including damaging free radicals (Grignards too?) and artery clogging fats of great damage. But evidently people who make it compete to see who can be the most deadly? 

On which note therein enters the pols. In the old Confederacy at least, pols and BBQ are as inseparable as welded steel. Which is another reason to avoid BBQ. Too much chance of developing mind rot. Like that fellow I saw about on the Face Scroll who wants to pass a law to preclude Alibam children from being exposed to the “fact that they descend from monkeys”. I have to admit that this is archetypical of pols since it is so wrong in so many dimensions. And the guy got elected to public office. No wonder Alibam is a third world state and rapidly on its way down.

Along with the rest of Amerika.

I could comment that the only good thing about BBQ is that it attraxts pols of all brands of theo-fascism. No distinction between reprodenialists, demodenialists, and pariahs. And the problem is that even though they die young they reproduce like microbes. At least in terms of numbers and gestation period. Won’t comment on the intelligence comparison. 

Enough. Talking about evil is depressing.