No Hackencruz

Saturn’s day. Higher air temperature than yesterday. Amazing collection of caravans in the park. Most of parking lot blocked off with orange cones so I had to hike in to the trail. The whole thing rather reminded me of the Berlin segment of the Indiana Jones Grail Quest movie. Even had what passes for book burning: smokers and peanut roasting devices. Not many goosesteppers in evidence but they are only early risers when they are practicing theo-fascism?

I noticed the face scroll was loaded with all sorts of grr brr about the Texas theo-fascism incident. Great polarity! The demodenialists were bemoaning the execution of thems while the reprodenialists were trumpeting the whupping of terrorists. Sometimes I think the only difference among religionists is their weapons of choice. Almost all of them seem to be engaged in ‘be us or be dead”. 

My struggles against the waywardness of upgrade seem to be on a smooth path. Everything is working well so far and I have had no problems installing the clients I need. Only problem is remembering names. Of clients, that is. My experiment with Debian itself is concluded for now. Too many burnt fingers. Not that I am satisfied with any distribution right now but that is a set of thoughts that seems worth exploring further.

Evidently we are in a news vacancy. Or I am not bending attention span that way. Not sure which yet. 

And I am definitely going o stay away from the park until tomorrow morning. Politicians are much more irritating than pollen.