Computer Tar Pits

Freya’s day. Nice constitutional in park although a bit difficult to get to since the pols had erected barriers to exclude the public. Fail. This may – may! – still be America. On occasion.

Air temperature a bit high but not bad. Dead air so not enough cooling for real comfort. But it was quiet unlike later when the pols actually show up and do their Nuremberg thing?

Yesterday was a moderate disaster. Finally figured out how to update my box with Debian Wheezy to Debian Jessie. And get around the nasty performance of my OTELCO DSL conncetion. Happiness: all the packages download, apparently successfully. Unhappiness: the upgrade failed and I ended up with a blinking cursor brick.

So I masticated the projectile after a few vain attempts at resurrecting the putrescent slime mold and download the latest ISO of SolydK. Installed like a charm. So now all I have to do is tune and accessorize and I shall be back in business. WHich is not insubstantial but it is getting to be the norm. 

This makes the fifth time I have tried to do a version upgrade and ended up with a Nuke-And-Pave. This is a big reason why Linux is Wheaties and not Rice Crispies or Captain Crunch or Fruit Loops. Lack of persistence. 

I suppose that “the tree of liberty must, from time to time, be watered with the blood of patriots”, but for an OS? Not too right, it seems.