Sinister ain’t Evil

Mundane day! Back to gym and bulling weight bouncers. And a rather depressing episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” about sports fanaticism. Ayeh, fans. 

They mostly talked about the majority who have this affliction(?). Those who watch sports in stadiums or televisions but, in the main, don’t do any, or much, themselves. Only a bit about the rationals who are orthogonal to all of this.

As might be guessed, I am one of the latter. Don’t care for sports. Find jocks and coaches universally bullying and arrogant. Find spectator sports a boring perversion, rather like watching the reproductive activities of slime mold. And I fear, regard it with the same level of intellect. I don’t object to those folks’ fanaticism so long as they don’t inflict it on me. In that regard it’s rather like religion: I consider evangelism to be a mortal sin. And inflicting you sports “beliefs” on me is, IMHO, justification for discorporation or worse. 

I do admit in my young adulthood, when ESPN was brand new, to watching women’s collegiate field hockey, and chess matches. Yes, they televised both in those days. The two genre were about equally boring. The only good thing about the women’s collegiate field hockey was the fights. Sort of an exemplar of class struggle, if you will.

On which azimuth, I noted an article [Link] on the causes of ‘left-handedness’, some work out of U St. Andrews. Apparently note golf related although I used to hear all manner of handedness complaints from golf players when I tried to learn the game. Abject failure incidentally. Spent too much time figuring out the physics and not enough the body motions. So I gave it up. And have enjoyed the decision ever since.

Anyway, the lads (lassies?) from Scotland indicate that left-handedness is likely genetic but they haven’t found a gene for it. But it is related to the genetic of organ reversal. And they say that right-handedness is obviously a survival advantage.

I guess I find that more than a bit themist and reach a bit of a different outlook Remember that I have a ‘mutation’ for early rising which is an obvious survival advantage in a social context since it ameliorates dawn ambushes. I offer that left-handedness is itself a survival advantage for the species. Can’t say what but there has to be something that strengthens the social organization. 

I was discussing this the other day with my colleague Magnetic Inductance Force. He offers that left-handedness is similarly ostracized as early risers. That changed to a physical ostracism when mass production came in and may get solved, at least in part, by 3-D printing. But he also advances this idea that we should teach left-handers how to write backwards so they don’t drag their hands in the ink. Or reverse the keyboard. 

Sometimes I think we nerds are mental left-handers.