Slime Mold Students

Once more to the edge of week out. Ice Cream Day. The air temperature is up a bit from yesterday and the constitutional in the park was a bit stultified. But at least no muggers or terrorist or wild/feral animals. That I observed.

In and around listening to the podcast I had occasion to contemplate an article [Link] I ran across some time ago about some work at Ohio State U that looked at student effectiveness. Basically the question of why some kids are good students and some not. And no, this wasn’t a bash the teachers thing.

What the study indicates is that student effectiveness is a matter of genetics and experience. That is, if your parents are dunces, you’re likely to be one as well. And not everybody likes schule. I know there were times I disliked schule. Mostly the bullying – jocks and hoods but also coaches – and the information dearth. If I was self-actuated enough to study what I wanted to, I can easily see failure might have occurred.

The study stopped short of looking at the idea that schule is inherently de-motivating, which it is. At least pre-college. I suspect college is de-motivating for those who shouldn’t be there.

But I also kept thinking about wasting education resources on gammas and deltas?

Another reason I am glad to be senior.

And they let the teachers off the hook entirely too easily. Baksheesh?