Nerd Cartoons

Time once more to whack tabs. What did we do before browsers had tabs? And yes, Virginia, I can remember when browsers didn’t have tabs. And then had them as an add-in. That’s what started the downfall of the Evil Empire aka MegaHard.

I ran across a couple of cartoons this week. The first: [Link]

is an example of what physicists call Drunkard’s Walk meets Lost Keys. The problem is that a dipsomaniac has lost his keys, not that he is supposed to operate a motorcar anyway, but even if he gets home he still has to unlock the door. The time being night, the drunkard obviously only looks for his keys where there is light, i.e., about street lamps. So what is his motion?

The second: [Link]

isn’t really funny except to someone who has never done ‘nerd’ writing. Or probably any kind of ‘real’ writing but since I haven’t ever done anything but ‘nerd’ writing I am short on experience and thereby, qualification.

This is all mostly the way things have to be. When your committee approves your thesis project and you have done all the research and hopefully published a couple of journal articles you can’t just take pen in hand (as I do/did) or keyboard under hand (as people do now but I can’t) and let loose a torrent of writing. First you have to think about what you want to write (say.) Then you have to think about how you want to write it. And then you write it out and let it sit for a while and read it and nudge it and fix the syntax and spelling and then you go on to the next bit. You do the writing in chunks. And once you have something between a chapter and the whole thing you send/give copies to your committee members and they give you back comments and then you run about madly reconciling the contradictory comments and incorporating as many as you have to and make sense,

And once you get the whole thing written you give it to your committee for a review and repeat the fixing so that you can submit a (maybe) final version for the final defense. At which everything happens all over with nasty nitnoid questins thrown in. So yes, there is a lot of thinking involved. And skull sweat.

And as for the third slice? Well, if you use WORD then you spend a lot of time nudging it to give you what the department and the college require for a format but which can’t be achieved easily. It you are using LaTeX, then the college gives you a style file and unless they change the format without updating the style you don’t have to touch anything. But if they do, you have to work a whole BIG bunch. 

All to be over-educated and under-paid.