Universal Deflation of the Workplace

Thor’s day and done with gym for the week. Much gnashing of atmosphere last night that I slumbered through. And the gym was blissfully sparse this morning. The only weight bouncer was the polite one. I listened to a pair of Ubuntu podcasts from England which are moderately distracting if not actually enlightening and they occasionally snipe at Canonical and Shuttleworth. Large targets.

There’s not much worth blogging in the article channels so I am going to make do with a cartoon; [Link]

that I ran across some time ago. This doesn’t just hold for grad students or even just academia. I found it held for the Yankee army as well.

The graph is self-explanatory to anyone graph literate and they can explain it to the bogs. The mechanics here are that by sundae night one is sick of week out and one’s mind is abuzz with stuff to do but one knows one has to go to work Mundane morning and so with tosses and turns in bed with ideas and then arises harshly sleep deprived. Then one goes to work and immediately the organizational bureaucracy and administrivia and the friction of co-workers and bosses and minions assails one and all the great ideas get smothered in a din of mind noise and nerve annoyance.

That’s what civilization and modern life is ALL about.