Capitalist Starvation

Yuck! Dihydrogen oxide falleth. And I did not get to engage in my wanted constitutional. And I am bidded to a party this afternoon. So today is going to be a large negative. Too much boggery and misery. And yes, those are usually redundant.

I noted an article [Link] that offers that Amerikans eat more in restaurants than at home. Not surprising but the claim is hideously specious. The metric the claim is based on is that the restaurant sector took in more money in March than did the grocery sector. The problem is that this isn’t either the number of people nor the number of meals. It’s money. There is a conversion from a price per meal (RV) for restaurant and home meals, but they are not equal. For any given person, home eating is almost always less expensive than restaurant eating. The exception most often is holidays or some other ritual occasion.

So yes, Amerikans did spend more money in restaurants than grocery stores last month, but more meals? Nyet!

The data also have no useful demographics, like type of restaurant or – more insightful – age/gender/… demographics. So we can’t say whether the GEN Ys are really the drivers of this. We all (?) suspect that. GEN Ys have a nasty entitled attitude towards eating, at least many of the ones I have known. Yes, there are cool heads there but there are fewer in fraction than GEN Xs.

Is this a disaster? Only in terms of hurrying the food collapse. Restaurant cooking is several times more wasteful than home cooking. And with food shortages already looming – the California water shortage, e.g. – all this does is move us closer to catastrophe on the landscape. 

Maybe that’s a good thing. I used to think the extinction of humans to be bad. Lately I am unsure of that.

But I do keep coming back to thoughts of the founding grandparent.