Trickster Thunks

Lovely! The park was shrouded in something between a light mist and a heavy haze this morning. As one would expect from such the wind speed was quite small and so no strong cooling. Pray note the difference here between cooling and cool, the latter a thing I am never. The podcast was an episode of “The Pen Addict” (part of) and I got to share the AO with a pair of rather talkative and moderately loud young women. When did we start calling them females and not women? Am I missing something or is society whacked? Or both?

I started out a few days ago to write a blot about this cartoon: [Link]

but it got eaten partway through by the box. 

My favorite cartoon has always been the Wiley Coyote ones. I know they are “Road Runner” cartoons but I watch for the coyote. I like the old ones better than the new since the humor is better. The new ones are rather too heavy handed, reflecting a lack of sophistication among scripters, I suppose. Anyway, deterioration and rot regardless.

This reminded me that our contemporary society has a rather corrupted view of what is a hero. We tend to describe anyone who is a member of the constabulary, fire brigade, or military as a hero regardless of their exploits. I do not deny that they are admirable for their avocations but calling them heroes is a bit of an insult.

The idea of hero comes to us from classical Greece. It refers to someone who perceives some activity as evil and replaces it with something else which may be more or less evil. It is not so much about good and evil as making change and that change has its price.

So no, I don’t think of coyote as a hero. Nor do I think of road runner as such. The opposite. Coyote and Road Runner are about a status quo, a modal behavior. They are a parody of biological competition. The parody is that the road runner doesn’t get eaten and the coyote doesn’t starve to death. That’s a bit part of the cartoon aspect. 

Happily that cartoon treatment results in a pair of rather nice role models. The road runner is the quintessential bog. He demonstrates how to cope in society when you can’t do anything but exist. And the coyote is a nerd. He demonstrates the ultimate in never giving up, which is an ideal but also a challenge (untreated.) Since I am a nerd, I have always found coyote to be a role model. Imaginary, admittedly, but still a role model of perseverance. 

But I do wish there was a cartoon role model of rationality. That would be a true hero.