I am in need of a bit of morale elevation. Been moodying for a week now. Not improved by the weather. And gym was a downer because the good arm bicycle was down for repairs which at the Scant City gym means never fixed or brought back on line nor replaced. I entertain the hypothesis that management there wants members to only life weight since they almost never fail or wear out. Never mind any concern for the wellness of the members, their only purpose is to keep up a cash flow to balance the losses of other “enlightened”management decisions and policies.

Hence I was rather brightened to read [Link] that the new Linux kernal – 4.0 – does not have to be rebooted after modifications. That’s very nice not just because it eliminates a grinding obligation that one really – REALLY! – needs to reboot and should be happy it’s not like Winders where you get a momentary box that says “REBOOTING!” and you lose what you have been working on for hours, but because it reduces the risk of the reboot failing due to bad patches. (Yes, I have had that happen enough to be in full attention and one is then confronted with whether to re-install or repave with a different distribution.)

I will be snide and comment that I fully expect Canonical to find a way to vertically copulate this.