Mundane day and week in. Hopefully better than last week. And the week out. It started fairly well. The gym was sparse. the weight bouncers sparser, and the podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas”, dealt with Wikipedia. I found I already knew quite a lot but it was good to have an integrated refresher.

Evidently, most of the national versions are much less contentious than the American version. And despite the contention it is very productive and effective. So the question arises:

Why is Wikipedia so effective and the Yankee Congress NOT?

I suspect the answer is the fraction of politicians in the contributing population. Congress, obviously, is 1.0 politicians while in Wikipedia the politician fraction is < 0.01. As is, however, contributions from politicians, and their myrmidons, are generally the most contentious. And consume the most arbitration and editorial resources.

So why haven’t we done something to remedy this cancer? The World Wonders.

Perhaps if we structured the legislature as a Wiki we could get more – and Better! – done. 

One of the greatest worries of the founding fathers was that government needed inertia lest mob rule ensue and laws and such oscillate wildly and destructively. But doesn’t Wikipedia have inertia? So far as I can see it does.