Human Balance?

A bit better. Higher air temperature so my constitutional was a bit more pleasant although it is still early enough in this year’s practice to be a bit straining. Amazing how one can put in lots of effort at gym but be decked by going outside. 

Finished up the episode of “Linux Luddites” without anything outstanding being added to the depredation of Fedora and Gnome. There was a bit of Linux Mint bashing but that’s low hanging fruit. What worse can one say than it’s a distribution whose upgrade philosophy is nuke-and-pave?

Since it is ice cream day I will whack away at a few tabs. First, I see, [Link] as of last month, that the Finns are extending the doctrine of primary schule throughout the pre-college curriculum. That is, they are abolishing subjects. Instead, their teaching approach will be rather oleaginous.

I can see this as making sense in the first couple of grades (years) of schule, but not beyond and increasingly more strained the further it goes. How, for example, does one teach maths in such a context? And how does this disconnect students from college? How do they decide what to major in? 

The only advantage I can see in this is that it will prevent parents from telling children they won’t use some subject after high schule.

Next, an indication [Link] that there is intelligence on the Nawth Amerikan continent. Seems the Dine’ have decided to eliminate sales taxes on fruits and veggies and institute taxes on junk food. So much for the smarts of the Yankee government.

And we kid ourselves that the arrival of Europeans was an improvement.