The Evil that Men Do

Once more into week in. Back to gym through the falling of liquid – thankfully! – dihydrogen oxide. As is usual with “foul” weather, more nuisance in this instance than foul, the density of gym occupation is diminished from the mundane day mode but I shall not complain except about weight bouncers trying their best to obstruct the walking path.

The podcast this morning was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” dealing with the Holocaust in Denmark. Or perhaps I should say the absence of the Holocaust. This national solidarity however gave me occasion to consider the solidarity of the nation at that time. And to then consider the farce of Indiana’s latest political flatulence.

Not that I can complain very loudly. Alibam, after all, also has one of these laws protecting “Religionist Freedom”. But since I am at best an occasional nuisance for the evil that is politician in Alibam, I cannot deny some culpability.

It occurred to me however, that these laws are nothing more than government sanctioned racism. I quote from the Macmillan Dictionary of Anthropology:

“race: the common use of the word is to refer to a group of persons who share common physical characteristics and form a discrete and separable population unit has NO scientific validity”


“racism: doctrines of or beliefs in racial superiority, including the belief that race determines intelligence, cultural characteristics and moral attributes.”

One way of looking at this is that race and racism are “Us – Them” manifestations. The “moral attributes” seems most applicable here. I should also comment on the “physical characteristics”. I take physical to be synonymous with observable. So any form of differentiation of humans based on observables is racism. Which means it is inescapable. What matters is whether hurt is done.

If differentiation occurs to provide better medical attention, then I hold that differentiation to be good. If differentiation occurs, on a subjective and arbitrary basis such as social or religionist tenets, then that may be bad shading into evil. And when it is condoned by government, whose sole purpose is the betterment of the state of its members – humans – then that shading into evil is strong.

I heard this morning from a babbling head on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver that the religionists feel beset and besieged. The question ignored was what has their arrogance and evangelism been if not attacks on our privacy and rationality and the sanctity of our own, differing, beliefs that we should be permitted to hold so long as we harm no one else. What permits, nay, empowers these people to inflict themselves and their beliefs on the rest of us? Nothing except their own arrogance and bloodthirstiness. 

So these laws are actually doubly evil. The laws not only hurt humans that the government is supposed to protect but also enable other humans to do their evil without let or fear of punishment.