One of my colleagues, Velocity Spin, sent me this cartoon: [Link]

and I was a bit befuddled. Back when television was monochrome and dinosaurs roamed the earth (they still do, for that matter,) the responsibility of the lecturer was to make announcements in class; the responsibility of the student was to be there. If you weren’t in class you had three choices: ask someone else in the class, if you knew anyone and they would talk to you; ask the lecturer and hope for a mild tongue lashing and extra work; or suck it up. So I went to class. That’s avoiding the decision space.

Actually it was a survival activity. If you went to class you were more likely to get a better grade in the course. At least in the STEM courses. I’m not sure about the bog courses. I had some semi-geek friends who majored in bog disciplines and they seemed to not go to class very often but still got fair grades. As in fair-to-middling, not in the maths sense or the young woman sense. 

If any of us had asked the lecturer to put announcements in a bulletin board the answer would have been an absolute zero (Kelvin” “NO!” Maybe with several !. 

So how have things gotten in this sorry state. I am befuddled. Is this part of university as factory, diploma as education? But it’s one more instance of me being glad I am NOT young.