Two Food

Two day and not too bad so far. The gym was moderate and the podcasts, science in subject, were varied an not at all bad. In fact, quite good in the sense that there was no mention of basketball insanity nor of Frau Clinton and her criminal disregard for the nation’s laws safeguarding classified information. There was some sidebar mention of another Texican asshat wanting to be POTUS but that didn’t intrude very far. 

But it did raise an instance of the modern paradigm of minority governance. Consider a presidential ballot with the two “legal” candidates being our sado-fascist from Texas and the unpunishable criminal former FLOTUS. What better illustrates the failure of modern Amerikan government than governance by two political parties that together represent a minority of the electroate and whose members are the only ones allowed to hold office. So much for democracy in Amerika!

The podcasts, on the other hand, were actually entertaining, if not edifying. I learned that breast feeding, at least in Brazil where the study was conducted, results in a more intelligent, as measure by IQ, and economically productive child. I contrast this with an article [Link] I recently read that asserts that intelligence is a melange that comes and goes over time. Of course neither study measured anything important like literacy or calculacy. But let us face it, public breast nursing is rather more titillating than public feeding with a bottle. Or am I being prurient? At my age? 

The other thing I recall is that it has been found that, among other things, watching food programs on television contributes to obesity. Seems that there is no audience attraction for fruit and nuts – talking about maybe but not actually preparing – but there is for foods that make one feel good and eat too much. And contain the wrong things. 

These folks must have sampled different food programs than the ones I watch when I can’t find anything worthwhile. I admit I don’t watch many such but when I do it is for entertainment, not recipes. Because almost all of the food they show is off-putting. Now I admit that fried SPAM (the “meat” product, not eMail) takes me back to my college days but now all it invokes is fears of grease nausea. And the other foods are worse. 

I suspect the problem is that I spent a lot of my career for the Yankee Army of Occupation traveling around and thereby eating in a lot of places. The lesson I learned from this is that home cooking is almost always mediocre but it it almost always better than restaurant food. Chain restaurant food, in particular, is propaganda. Fancy restaurant food is Potemkin-esque, all facade and little substance. In general, any place that worries about “presentation” isn’t worth eating at. And the best places are non-chain holes-in-the-wall that barely pass the sanitation inspection. And they run to an 0.5 (or so) probability of diarrhea.

Not that there are not good restaurants. Sadly, they have a short life expectancy. For example, we have a good restaurant here in Greater Metropolitan Arab. It’s up for sale.