Barbed Wire Baby Doll

Yesterday was a wasteland. I spent the day downloading my Uberbote data and trying to find a program that would import the data file. Three gags later I am only highly frustrated. 

“Whom the Gods would kill…

While I’m in such a mood it seem appropriate for today to be Mundane day. I shall not catalog the negatives and the positives are either nonexistent or so microscopic as to be lost in the noise but let me say that at the moment, dementia looks rather attractive.

On which azimuth, I noted an article [Link] that asserted that Mattel is going to produce a “talking” Barbie. And no, this is not one of those pre-recorded things. This Barbie will supposedly “converse” via some AI-in-the-Cloud connection. Needless to say the article was more than a little negative, mostly about privacy. My concern is do we really want our daughters to have “real” “Imaginary friends”? Norby stories aside, I am unconvinced that robots are good for children. No, not the Nipponese robots that destroy Tokyo ones. Those are OK. Not that girls seem to really like them. 

SCPdatter had all sorts of Barbies. Most of them are still here and still in their boxes. SCPdatter wasn’t too big on plating with Barbie. She preferred something more warm and fuzzy. Which Barbie isn’t. 

Several years ago Detroit experimented with a motorcar that talked to you. It told you when to shift gears and use the blinker and change the lubricant and refill the petrol tank. It was an abysmal flop. Never got past first stage customer testing. 

Maybe that’s why I don’t think much of Puppet Master Barbie? With apologies to RAH.