Negativity Discounted

Better this morning. Lower temperature but fewer aerosol particles + wind, and I wore an ear covering. So constitutional went fairly well. I enjoy the solitude, only intruded by the podcast, an episode of “The Pen Addict”.[Link] This was rewarding, not in the blather – agrammatical – about pens and paper and pencils, but on the role of negativity. The protagonist of the podcast was off on a rant about pen shysters, an evidently modern manifestation whereby a kickstarter project is used to relieve gullible pen folk of portraits of discorporated EuropeanAmerican politicians.

I personally consider that some protection from gullibility is beneficial but I have less patience with this particular manifestation. These are mostly young people (plus points for naivete!) who are adept at all means of social media (minus points for communication and networking!) so surely when someone analyzes the situation and propagates a warning message they should have the rationality to be warned? Evidently not and the rule of killing asshats prior to reproduction comes into play. 

On which note, I saw an article [Link] about that societal messiah Musk who predicts that the introduction of robotic motorcars may result in the banning of human driving. And how horrible that is. Gad! How abysmally disingenuous can anyone be. It is well know to anyone who is even moderate calculate that the human versus robot driven motorcar mixing problem has only two stable solutions. All human driven and all robot driven motorcars. Anything else results in a nightmare of death and destruction.

So pray don’t go maundering on about how horrible it will be if human driving is banned. If robot motorcars are adopted, and they will be, at least among rationals. then human driving must be forbidden and punished sharply. I fully expect that my grandchildren will never learn how to drive, and their children will think those of us who did one with the dinosaurs and passenger pigeons.