Fungus in the Gism

I do enjoy aerosol in the morning. Especially when I can walk in it. And the extinction coefficient is reasonable. A half or so. Which it was this morning. Enough extinction to shade things but not enough to blind one in the back scattered light from one’s lamps. It was a bit chilling – thermally – and so I was happy to retreat to a warm castellum, but the constitutional was indeed good for my constitution. 

I make note of an article [Link] about all of the trans-species DNA we humans have picked up. There is something rather comforting about knowing that my DNA includes bits of microbes and fungi and arthropods in it. Especially fungi. What is so intriguing about fungi? Could it be the difference? 

We seem to have less understanding of fungi than any other biological entity. I am likely inaccurate on this, not being a biologist but lacking some correction by a biologist, and not some religionist, I will persist in my delusion. That is, after all, how we navigate and propagate (as in trajectory although as I consider it, perhaps also reproduction?) most of the time, by our delusions. 

We humans are not what we like to think. I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

and was a bit taken by it. Not by the accuracy of motherhood/childhood. That is patent. But by extension to marriage. And the insight that marriage has a component of both partners being parent to the other’s child. 

But it does strike at why FD SCP won’t let me have a trebuchet. That and admitting that there is a day care facility across the street from Castellum SCP.  She does let me accumulate rather a lot of gear, most of which I could likely live without. So much for any trace of Buddhist. There. I have offended all the good Protestants of Greater Metropolitan Arab. But their marriages are similar. Or failures. Which they could never admit until fully ruptured?

Apparently one of the strong points of christianity, the organized variety, at least, is its strength as a delusion about human nature.