Green Beer and Antipathy

Today is supposed to be the name day of Saint Patrick. I have to admit to being unable to comprehend this occasion. I can comprehend that the person did all sorts of wonderful things in Ireland for the sake of the Church of Rome, but I fail to see how that translates into non-religious parades, river dyeing, and green beer consumption. Happily since I have little Irish DNA, I have a convenient reason to rebuff the orgy. But I am still not grokking.

On which azimuth I ran across an article [Link] about how African-American graduates of high quality (?) colleges receive fewer and lower paid job offers than European-American graduates of the same colleges. This appears to be one of those academic befuddlement things or, possibly, academic legitimization. 

It seems that part, at least, of what we have here is a failure of tolerance. The nation seems to have grown tired of tolerating “minorities” without reciprocal tolerance. This seems to be the social theme of the times. European-Americans are supposed to be tolerant of African-Americans who by maintaining a separate social construct decline to reciprocate that tolerance. The same seems to exist for numerous religionist communities but especially the Muslim. Anyway, what I observe is an increasing reticence to tolerate others (who are different) if they do not reciprocate that tolerance.

This seems strangely Christianist. An application of “do unto others”. I fear this is how feuds fester. Friendship rebuffed or ill returned often leads to animosity and violence. It signals a failure of social cohesion and the ascendancy of a collection of inimical communities. If so, then we have to ask how this is related to a governance by two imiscible political parties? Symptom or cause?

The world wonders.