Orbis Diem

Today is 14 March 2015, a matter I shall return to shortly.

The fall of liquid dihydrogen oxide is less than yesterday but the air temperature is less so I got to amuse myself watching the moisture in my exhalation condense in front of me. But the puddles were smaller and my footgear less sodden than yesterday. My back, however, reminded me of my long winter’s absence. 

Back to the now. Today is being celebrated as “Pi Day” because the date can be written in MDY format as 3/14/15 (pi ~ 3.14159). This strikes me as a rather bogs-wishing-to-be-geeks sort of thing since it displays an abysmal disuse of maths. First, the dating convention (format) is abysmally boggish. Consider that in terms of numbers changing with the parametric passage of time MDY is medium/fast/slow. This is illogical, contradictory, and to appeal to the bogs, irrational. It is traditional which seems to be its only (specious) merit.

The other conventions DMY and YMD are fast/medium/slow and slow/medium/fast. Both are rational and logical. And notably under our current calendering system, neither admits a “Pi Day” easily. The closest and easiest is DMY for 3 January 2042. Note that this rounds properly which the bogs advocating today as “Pi Day” failed to do. If they had rounded properly then next year would have been the “right” (?????!!!!!!) year.

Similarly in YMD we could have chosen 2031 April 2. Same situation. 

Of course we also understand than Sturgeon’s Rule of the Bogs will NOT comprehend this explanation. Ever. 

My colleague, Magnetic Inductance Force, has offered a charming alternative. Since Pi (the number) is irrational then we can celebrate Leap day, 29 February in years evenly divisible by 4 but not by 100 ….., as Pi day (or E day, for that matter, but again, the bogs won’t get it) because that day is a fudge to an irrational number, namely the number of days in a sidereal year. Which is much better maths at least when compared to today as “Pi Day” in the MDY format. 

I ran across an article, [Link] entitled “Pi Day is silly, but π itself is mysterious and universal” that is itself a silly title but the discussion is not totally worthless. I suspect a lot of this party nonsense is the result of letting EXTROs be STEMs. Not that we ever excluded them in my day but we didn’t let them babble and gambol about like they do now keeping honest INTROs from getting real work done. 

That’s what one should do on a “Pi Day”, do real work. Not the stuff bogs do but expanding out understanding of reality. Which this “Pi Day” definitely isn’t!