Carry Burden

It occurred to me that one of the overlooked differences between Hunter-Gatherers and Sedentaries (as in us,) is that while both worry about what they carry, what they carry is entirely different.

Hunter-Gatherers (HGs) worried about their possessions, not their consumables. That’s because when they moved from one place to another, which they did too frequently, they had to carry everything or throw something away. So what you owned was a difficult decision; what you consumed wasn’t.

For Sedentaries, the opposite is the situation. We worry about what we consume because that’s what we have to carry. Admittedly, that carry is primarily from store to motorcar and from motorcar to residence, but we still have to carry it. On the other hand, we don’t move ourselves very often and when we do we engage a relocation service of some sort. The only time we worry about what we have is when we run short of storage room, usually because we want to buy new stuff and we suddenly discount older stuff. 

So where HGs worry about possessions, we Sedentaries worry about consumables. 

It would be nice if we could claim that this concern meant we really weren’t slime mold brained consumers but it really just confirms it.