Mind Hemorrhoids

Survived the expedition to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. I discovered that moderate rain frightens suicidal drivers, the ones who continually change lanes without signaling and the like. The ones you wish would discorporate before reproducing so that the gene pool will be cleansed.

Of course once across the river the country suicidals became outnumbered by the city suicidals but even these were somehow restrained. So driving was actually easier and more pleasant (?) than in fair weather.

On which note I came to reflect yesterday on the word “fair”. Originally it meant attractive but somehow it has evolved into some subjective aspect of behavior. I would like to impose the burden of responsibility on the statisticians and probability bonks who talk about a “fair” coin or a “fair” die. The meaning is obvious to all but acalculate bogs so I shall not belabor. But the term has entered into common usage and one hears babbling about fairness in the workplace and, in particular, the legal system. 

As near as I can tell this is another of those social fictions, like “race”, that is imposed on humans by organizations, for their benefit and the harassment of the former. It has become part of a massive illusion that organizations exist for the benefit of their members when the actuality is the opposite. Humans – members – are cheap and organizations are unfeeling, so anything to perpetuate the organization, no matter how much harm is done to individual humans, is beneficial.

So pray keep fair as a reference to attractiveness and not to your dissatisfaction with reality. Evil is inherent to humans and their organizations and you can’t escape it. Nor is blind chance repairable.