Coffee and Industry

This is supposed to be a week of liquid dihydrogen oxide falling. No complaints. Better than solid phase falling. Typical two day at gym. Pleasantly vacant of educationalists and weight bouncers. And the podcasts, various science orts was diverting if not engaging. 

The medicalist mafia has done a spin flop again. [Link] Seems they have now decided more coffee is good. And they have given a meaningful, if not useful, standard, 0.4 g of Caffeine per diem.

The problem is that you can’t find that out from the bag your home coffee comes in or from the barristra (sorta) at you favorite coffeeorum. It approximately corresponds to a 0.6 L “cup” of Starbucks’ something or other that I have never heard of, but then I avoid Starbucks like a White Whale. Their coffee is over-roasted (burnt for the realists) and nasty. Drinkable only by bogs who have destroyed their taste sensors with chain food. 

Next, a study at U Waterloo indicates a correlation between “smart” cellular telephone use and laziness. [Link] I have to admit to a bit of cynicism here. Laziness is not a damnation; it may be a blessing. Quite often lazy folk are more efficient, productive, and efficient than industrious folk. But the assertion that the use of a “smart” cellular telephone gets in the way of learning is right on with my own observations. So while I don’t mind that bogs with “smart” cellular telephones take them to Starbucks, I defriend any of my acquaintances and colleagues who don’t keep theirs in pocket while we are having good brew at our (unchain) coffeeorum.

And yes, the good estimator shy of a chemistry laboratory is 0.6 L per diem.