Slinky Play

A lovely spring (?) day. Dark. Still dark. Courtesy of the Yankee government council of thieves. But dihydrogen oxide is falling from the up – in liquid form. Through air well above the liquid -> solid phase change. And happily no tornadoes in sight.

The gym was a bit crowded this morning. The weight bouncers, educationalists, and fair weather patriots have returned. Almost crowded. And the podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” dealing with how dark skinned people around Tellus are bleaching their skin. Very heartening after this weekend when the guvnuh of Alibam got booed for being pale skinned. The skin bleaching indicates a form of tolerance and co-socialization that is in short supply these days. We have entirely too many groups who demand to be tolerated but won’t tolerate in return.

The problem is that equality can only truly exist in an undifferentiated society. So as soon as you seek a personal (or group) identity, you are abandoning equality.

The Floridas are a good case in point. Just after I read an article that “climate change” is less alienating than “Global Warming” I hear that the Floridas have seized the bottom by declaring that “Climate change” is verboten in their domain. Talk about Orwellian thought police. If you can’t say or write the words then in a few years no one can think about it as well. It’s a common tactic and fallacy of despotisms and tyrannies.

But I am sure it will be a source of envy among the Repro-denialists of Alibam, including the Chief Bigot, who have only been trying to eliminate marriage.

Both of which, incidentally, are self-correcting. If you deny marriage for long enough then all the kids will be illegitimate and then who cares? And if you ignore climate change long enough, and you’re the Floridas, then you don’t have a state any more, just shallow water.

I can’t say that I will be saddened by the disappearance of either. Never really cared for the Floridas. Not even a nice place to visit. And marriage? Enjoyable but saddled with all sorts of unspoken baggage. Perhaps this will give us an opportunity to invent something better?