Organization Evils

The weather beavers blew it bog time this morning/last night. They’re already give degF shy of the low. Are you tooth wonders going to pay for the plumbing fix? And I thought the winter stuff was over? Is there anything on the television that is trustworthy? Apparently not.

Speaking of not trustworthy, I read [Link] that civilization and deity are uncorrelated and probably independent. And then they go on to say that organized religion is a slavery ploy. 

Nice to have conjectures confirmed. Or at least, supported. 

It’s ok to have religion and belief, just not organized. Therein lies evil. It’s your responsibility to figure out your own beliefs, not what some shyster organization and its thugs beat into you. 

On which note, I see the Republicans are once more destroying liberty in Amerika. Seems they have some problem with a free and open internet. Could this have to do with their own guilt? And insecurity? Probably.

On which note, I came across this cartoon: [Link]

and was whelmed by how accurately this describes the behavior of adult bogs when it comes to actually knowing anything about reality and not just social fictions. And I suspect fourth grade is about right because that’s when you should start teaching bairns algebra.

On a more ambiguous note, I see [Link] that Android has an 0.81 market share. On the plus side I am happy to see the Fruit Nazis beaten down by a Lanchestrian monopoly but on the negative I am saddened it is a corporate corruption of FOSS. Still, can’t have everything and we always have to ask which is the bigger evil. But it would be nice to be rid of all corporatists. And religionists. And all the others who do us evil.

If we work very hard one of these days we may get the republic back.