Food Stupidity

Two day. Threat of thunderstorms. Solid dihydrogen oxide tomorrow. What was that series Harry Harrison wrote? Death World? Seems like we have created our own.

On which azimuth I think I have a conjecture as to why all (?) politicians are climate change denialists. Could it be guilt? Do politicians know they are the cause? 

At least I got to gym this morning. It was nicely sparse and the podcasts, science episodes, were diverting if not entirely engaging. But I was struck by one about some fellow who did a linguistic analysis of restaurant reviews. After one got past the jargon and pseudo-science one was struck by the apparentcy that Amerikans are whacked when it comes to food.

I have long muttered that a diet is not something you do for a period of time to reduce one’s weight but one’s lifetime regime of eating. I don’t expect to change the way the bogs prattle but I do have a fair collection of ears from the effort. But what I am muttering about today is different.

As I listened to the podcast I kept hearing the adjectives “good” and “bad” referred to food. Bad seemed to be rather subjective with maybe a small objective component associated with medicalism. Otherwise it was not organic, sustainable, …..

Stercus Tauri.

Food is what we eat that is digestible to provide energy to run our bodies. Plain and simple. Good food is food that does this well, even – maybe – lapping over into feeling. Bad food is food that detracts from providing energy to the body. If food makes us sick and we use a bunch of energy countering it, then that was bad food. 

Doesn’t matter if it isn’t organic or sustainable or whatever. If the body gets energy out of it without flummoxing the body, then it ain’t bad. And since food that damages the body, even if it takes decades, detracts from that energy intake, medicalist demerits may be valid. If they are backed up by something more than procedural opinions. Quite frankly, medical experiment statistics are the sort of thing college stats profs use to demonstrate how NOT to do stats. Or design experiments. But that’s another blot.

Waiting for the weather.