Once again

Horrible night. Typical sundae. Poor slumber, disrupted by body aches and pains, this time compounded by too much bunkering. But off this morning, thankfully, to gym. Enthusiastic to a degree that the weight bouncers and the educationalists could not deflate. The podcast was a episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” having to do with modern hippie/sustainment movements. Horribly EXTRO. Very alienating.

And then the weather beaver, the Ichabod one at WAFF, came on and told me this week would be a repeat of last with ice substituted for snow. Which in Greater Metropolitan Arab means no electron potential difference. So I am now in despair.

I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

that made me glad that I am not young. And yes, schule was that way when I attended but torture? Yes, mostly from coaches. I have never encountered a coach that was not a martinet and a bully. Some go beyond this nastiness but the only ones I encountered who did coached college. 

Overall, schule was not bad except that it was a slow motion information desert. If it hadn’t been for my parents and the Carnegie library in Huntsville, I would surely have succumbed to slime moldery by about sixth grade. But that doesn’t address the cartoon directly.

Part of the problem is tradition. All that memorization of factoids has been a staple for centuries. It falls under the necessity of what is called “common knowledge”, which is the knowledge every functioning adult is supposed to have. Sadly, it isn’t, because the people who “teach” in schule don’t know how to teach what needs be taught – hint, not the factoids – and aren’t permitted to teach it anyway because it upsets too many folks, mostly religionists and politicians, which are usually the same thing in a Venn diagram sort of way.

Also, in the modern world of standardized tests and schule/educationalist funding being tied to test scores, only factoids that can be tested using a standardized instrument can be taught.

So yes, schule is a torture but it’s a torture that is as old as civilization. At least.