Inside the Moat

Under siege. Castellum SCP is surrounded by an inordinate, for Alibam, depth of crystalline (?) dihydrogen oxide. And we have the firm assurance that the government of Greater Metropolitan Arab will not do anything to allay the situation. Oh, the constabulary have closed the roads but nothing will be done to clear them. Except perhaps hang lights on street poles. After all, not many people will be coming to look at houses to buy while the streets are closed so there is no reason to expend effort or money.

This is what comes of having a government of real estate agents. No concerns for the safety and welfare of the citizenry.

I have heard it advanced, I think by Greater Metropolitan Arab’s token Democrat, that this is actually a civic betterment effort. The idea is that despite the roads being closed, the town’s extreme ferds and nincompoops will get out in their pickup trucks, which they cannot steer not guide competently absent weather, and discorporate themselves thus cleansing the gene pool. This conjecture has several flaws. First, it assume that even real estate agents have human scruples. Also, that these ferds and nincompoops haven’t already reproduced. Both assumptions are specious.

And the whackadoodles who support the chief bigot with pseudo-coherent tracts in the local newspaper continue. The question they studiously avoid is when does denying people liberty and the pursuit of happiness become tyranny?

A good topic for thought on a day like today, because no matter how hard humanity tries, the evil in us cannot be alleviated, much less eradicated.