Schmuck and Milk

Now is the winter of our discontent stuck unrelieved in phase changes! Off to gym this morning. Sleet spitting. The kind you can’t see but can hear, which is a bit of intriguing (ah ha! thought I was going to use the “I” word, didn’t you?) physics but frictionally is more a boogeyman than ISIS. But evidently effective since I was the only person at gym for the first half hour or so except the clerk who opened.

The podcasts were distracting if not engaging, science episodes from several sources but none much more than pain avoidance. And so I issued forth to return to Castellum SCP and discovered the sleet had changed to snow. Not much snow but snow nonetheless and hence a bit of challenge frictionally. Still I had no difficulty until I entered the city (???) limits of Greater Metropolitan Arab. Suddenly the road went from almost black to almost white. Still no problems so long as I went straight. The problem was pickup trucks (and their drivers) who know they can’t drive on the stuff and do anyway. Probably because they know they will wrangle anyone else except armored cars.

We really need to entertain two classes of road closings: no motor vehicles and no trucks. Because the trucks are the danger. They can’t be steered or skidded and their drivers are, 0.9 or more, incompetent and macho. (Why do those two things go together? Is it basic human insecurity?)

Anyway after avoiding – barely – three collisions with unpredictable pickup trucks on one road, I managed to get only a byway, heavily white but at least absent of trucks, and thence home.

I have to wonder how heartily those three pickup truck drivers are bragging of their driving prowess and complaining about wimpy motorcars causing baring their way? One can only hope they discorporate prior to reproduction.

Just to offer a bit of real blogging, I dredged up an old article [Link] about how schule Food Gestapo discontinued chocolate milk and the total milk consumption was cut in half (approximately.) Putting aside my natural nausea over the subject – sometimes lacking any of the Cattle Herder mutations can be irritating, to say nothing of a bit flatulent – I consider this a paradigm of social engineering and do-gooder management. It falls into the category of good intentions -> catastrophe, which must be the result of disobedience so efforts must be intensified and strengthened. This, of course, leads in this instance to the epiphany that if the children eat nothing then the obesity problem will be solved. The grave digging problem won’t but that isn’t part of the program so no fault, no blame.

It also reminds me that without pain there is no pleasure and without evil there is no good. Which is why there are so many incompetent managers.

But I still don’t know why there are so many incompetent pickup truck drivers.